Tuesday, November 4, 2008

When the dust settles...

I have my passport in hand, but at the same time and as I prepare myself mentally to be an ex-patriot, I can not bring myself to leave the country that has given me everything.

Only in America- could a black socialist, who's middle name is Hussein, has known ties to terrorists, and wasn't necessarily even born in the United States (as admitted by his own grandmother) - play the naive uneducated American public, and play to the guilt of the white for something that none of them had any hand in - become president of the free world.

Only in America could a man with no military experience what-so-ever, become commander-in-chief of the largest military superpower on earth.

Wake up people - slavery ended over 150 years ago, segregation ended almost 60 years ago. The POTUS is not an affirmative action position. There is no room for on the job training.

This country is going in a different direction. When we see Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida fall to the left- we know there is a problem.

In closing, America - it isn't me. Its you.
You've changed - you are going in a direction that I fear I cannot be a part of.

To all of my like-minded friends- (mostly from Digg). It was an honor to fight beside you for the past few months. We will fight through this. We will grit out teeth. We will be dragged through this kicking and screaming- but we will come out on top. We are strong. We will prevail in the long run. Lets just hope we don't go past the point of no return.

Here's to 2012.

RIP America 1776 - 2008

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