Friday, October 31, 2008

The Tolerant Left

Throughout the past few days, I have been following horror stories. Not in the spirit of Halloween, but in the spirit of the upcoming election.

There are some sick people in this world, and for some reason the majority of them seem to be Obama supporting Democrats.

    "Ok…so what if next Tuesday, November 4th, we find that our hero Obama, hasn’t won? Well, given the fact that alot of niggas are gonna be at election parties (myself included), the plan is to get super throwed. The thought behind that is this…if he wins, i’ll be drunk on happiness, and if he loses, the loss won’t hurt so bad if i’m drunk. Part B of the plan is to convince a young lady to come back to the crib and watch CNN…one thing leads to another, and the next thing you know…its sunrise, I kicked ole girl out the crib, and I got a flag in my left hand…one can only hope, lol. So now, I wake up November 5th…to a whole new world, controlled by John McCombover, and i’m pissed. I go outside, and it’s like the A-Bomb hit…niggas are runnin all over the place rioting, and white people have barricaded their homes…if the crackers don’t wanna play fair, we’ll show that ass, lol.

    Now i’m not callin for rioting by any means…but a nigga will participate. Its this leather jacket that i’ve been lookin at for the longest, so either way, imma get mine, lol. Niggas will riot if Obama wins or loses, so ya’ll need to be close to ya’ll favorite stores, in order to take advantage of the situation. Stuff like this only happens so often…niggas! I was still in the eighth grade when the OJ trial went down,and Akron ain’t really the place to be when it comes to rioting, because we got like two hip hop stores, and they right down the street from one another…plus they close to the donut spot…so its not really a good idea to try to put in that work. The Rodney King incident, I was young, and that was limited to the LA area…Watts, I was still an afterthought in my daddy’s nutsack at that point, so that doesn’t count either. But if Obama loses…thats a nationwide dilemma, so be prepared! Get ya duffle bags, ski masks, wave caps, all black timbs, and black locs ready, because you can clean up. White people…I don’t know what to say to ya’ll…but don’t go to work on November 5th if you work at the following establishments, which tend to employ or serve alot of negroes…Church’s, Popeye’s, KFC, McDonald’s, Walmart, Your Local Hip-Hop Store, Any Corner Store or Walgreen’s. White people, STAY AWAY from these establishments.
    " - Promanant Black Democrat Blog

    "Will black people riot? I should hope so, I plan to. If he doesn’t win I will be in San Francisco rioting for the first time in my life and I’ll be in DC shortly thereafter. I will riot, and strike, and protest and fight until the wrong has been undone." - Promanant Democrat Blog

And who could forget the group that attacked Palin's Motorcade

We are not dealing with everyday normal Americans anymore, and we haven't been for a long time. We are dealing with fanatics. Sure there are some on both sides, but the few and far in between outbursts from the right (which have generally been benign statements, without any action) can't hold a candle to what the left has been doing.

The part that scares me the most is the tacit approval coming from the Obama Camp. The only thing he has said related to the matter was his "get in their faces" statement. One can only question whether or not this is what he meant. But the fact that he has not publicly denounced any of this is a very scary thing.

See Also: Sarah Palin is a ...

Also - please forgive the language used when quoting one of the Democrat Blogs.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Interesting and Dangerous Facts about Obama - That every Voter should Know

Obama and his Chicago Lifestyle way of running a campaign

FACT: Bill Clinton called Obama a Chicago thug for good reason.

FACT: Obama is directly linked to ACORN as their lawyer ten years ago and directly linked to Voter Fraud. Plus he wanted to hire ACORN to do get out the vote activities for his campaign. See more HERE and HERE .

FACT: Bill Clinton even accused Obama of vote rigging.

FACT: Obama’s campaign has questionable funds coming into his coffers.

FACT: Obama has contributors from foreign nations.

FACT: Obama hid $800,000 payment to ACORN through “Citizen Services, Inc.”.

FACT: Obama was given $50,000 from CODE PINK. The anti-American, anti Military left wing radical group.

FACT: Obama’s camp put a false Spanish ad with McCain and Limbaugh.

Obama and his Radical Friends and Outlook

FACT: Michelle Obama knew Bernadine Dohrn in 1988 and just a bit of background about this wack job and how she relates to the Manson Family and Why does she and Ayers matter.

FACT: Obama has close ties to Tony Rezco and maybe going to jail.

FACT: Obama lied about knowing unrepentant TERRORIST William Ayers but Obama has close ties to William Ayers and fact was on the board of directors on the Woods Fund Board and READ about one of his victims.

FACT: Obama and Ayers plan on for American School children and how Obama quotes Ayers on education.

FACT: Obama stayed in the same church for 20 years with a priest who hated America named Reverend Wright.

FACT: Louis Farrakhan has declared Barack Obama to be the Messiah.

FACT: Obama had close ties to Khalid al-Mansour who had Black Panther connections.

FACT: Obama was sympathetic with the terrorists after 9-11.

 FACT: Obama and Raila Oginga Odinga are cousins. That in itself is not bad, but he does back him even though he knows that this man is tried to stage a coup in Kenya. Why would he back such a violent, dangerous man who made a pact with the Muslims to institute sharia? What escaped mention was Odinga’s explicit plan to turn Kenya into an Al Qaeda terrorist incubator.

FACT: ACORN caused this financial crisis and Obama KNEW!

FACT: Obama could never pass a routine security background check.

Obama and his Gestapo style antics

FACT: Obama is trying to silence the National Rifle Association’s latest ad campaign using strong arm tactics by threatening them with possible legal action if they run the ads.

FACT: Obama tries to suppress FREE speech and HERE and HERE.

FACT: Obama threatened Republican donors – This should scare the hell out of you.

FACT: Obama has already started indoctrinating kids at his Camp Obama. It’s really wonderful how people like to say how Republicans are like Nazi’s, yet Democrats actually are the ones. And hear the children sing for him just like the Hitler Youth.

FACT: Obama told his supporters to get into people’s faces to get the word out.

FACT: Democrats bring up the race card whenever they fell threatened and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE

FACT: Obama has his Truth Squads ready to protect his campaign. And HERE and watch HERE.


Obama and political gain

FACT: Obama tried to stop the troops from withdrawing from Iraq for political gain and verified HERE and planned this in advance HERE  

IS Obama a US Citizen?

Obama and government waste

FACT: Obama is the 2nd highest recipient of Fannie/Freddy kickbacks $126,000.

FACT: The Democrats were responsible for sub prime mortgages and tried to hide it. This is a great primer for the whole process.

FACT: Obama NEVER signed the letter warning about Fannie/Freddie he lied yet again.

 FACT: Obama's two economic advisors are former Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac CEO's so that means if he wins those that made the mess will be back in charge.

If Obama gets into office what will he do?

FACT: Obama will sign the Freedom of Choice Act It would overturn all 300+ local, state, and federal abortion restriction laws, such as the Partial Birth Abortion Ban. Can you say wholesale butchering of babies just because they are inconvenient no matter what trimester?

FACT: He supports infanticide.

FACT: If Congress gets 60 seats in the house. They will a filibuster-proof majority .

FACT: If Obama gets into office he will reinstate the Fairness Doctrine. A direct attack against the 1st amendment folks! It has now been encompassed to INCLUDE BLOGs.

FACT: Obama’s tax plan will destroy this economy. See HERE for more info and HERE.

 FACT: Obama will gut the military and leave our country defenseless. READ more.


FACT: The Main Stream Media is wholly in the Tank for Obama and has denied the public the truth!

 Replicated from This List

Sarah Palin is a ...

From the party that preaches tolerance, embraces feminism, and hides behind freedom of speech (unless of course it offends someone, except for Sarah Palin (and potentially women everywhere)) I give you four (4) Obama supporters outside of a rally in Philadelphia wearing tee shirts stating "Sarah Palin is a C*nt"

Where is the media on this? I can only shudder to think what would happen if any white person (let alone a McCain supporter) wore a shirt that said "Obama is a ..." (and you can fill that in with anything you like- it wouldn't make a difference to them, you would be crucified regardless)

"Sexism and misogyny are ignored, but any criticism of Obama is blasphemy."

Double Standard much?

Where are the femminists on this? Where are the Hillary supporters? One cannot just sit idly by and let this go unnoticed and unpunished.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More Obama Ayers Connections

I think anyone considering voting for should at least do themselves the courtesy of reading about the terror his friend spread in the 1960's. Yes, Obama was eight when Bill Ayers organization did these terrible deeds. But Barack was an adult when he decided to befriend him, and keep in mind - Senator Obama's political career was launched in this man's living room.

I didn't hyperlink any of the URLs so that they can be copies and pasted easier for you all.

A Victim Speaks out:

Proof that they shared the stage at Chicago U:

A bit more about Ayers:

Obama Campaign Manager Denys Obama knew Ayer's past:

Barack and Michelle's ties to Ayers-Dohrn and the SDS:

An extensive look at the Obama Ayers connection:

I ask that this information be passed along to not only likeminded friends, but anyone who is considering voting for this man- as he surely will give his old pal a cabinet position. Do we really want a man responsible for blowing up the pentagon to have unrestricted access to government buildings?

The true measure of a man is the company he keeps, keep that in mind this November.

Update- Even CNN is starting to cover this, its not just FOX anymore:

Friday, October 3, 2008

Obama's Hitler Youth

Remind anyone of the Hitler Youth? Because that's the first thing I thought of (well, that and fat camp).

But seriously - this chilled my blood and sent shivers down my spine.

Its one thing to be singing for him:

...but having a bunch of kids dressed in pseudo-military garb behaving in such a manner - how can one not be afraid.

I'm not even going to comment much on this one- the videos speak for themselves.

Beware overly charismatic men who preach change...