Monday, November 10, 2008

What Obama Means for Video Gamers

Thanks to websites such as GamePolitics, gamers are much more involved in issues that affect their rights and their ability to game than ever before.

Couple that with Sen. Obama's targeted ad campaign in Burnout Paradise, and his campaign to get the youth to vote and you would think we would be more involved than ever.

But now it is as if the hypnotist snapped his fingers, and we are all of the sudden standing on a chair with our pants down cluckling like a chicken, and start seeing the reality.

That reality is that Senator Obama may have questionable views when it comes to video games. One of his opponents during primary season was the infamous Hillary Clinton, another Democrat who has done everything in her power to block games such as GTA IV and Manhunt from ever seeing the light of day.

Gamers seem to also have forgotten that the same man also generalized them all as underachievers.

The typical gamer demographic (18-25 or so) is unfortunately prone to voter apathy, but when confronted about their rights could be one of the biggest special interest groups out there. We should be more involved, we should care more about our rights, and make sure that they are not infringed.

In response to: The NY Times

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Clay Bowler said...

Democrats love going after the things kids enjoy. Remember Tipper Gore's self-righteous plan to clean up music after listening to her kid's Prince Purple Rain tape? She formed the Parents Music Resource Center. Video game shortly followed with labels, but one could imagine that video games that conflict with Obama's vision of America could come under attack.