Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The morning after...

I sit here, recollecting the events of last night.

A lot of heated things were said by conservatives- a lot of people, both young and old, are upset with last night's decision. It is understandable.

Here is what we are looking at.

Obama gets sworn in.
During his term he has the ability to select 2 Supreme Court Justices (who will all be to the like of Ruth Bader Ginsburg). These two new justices will easily be approved by the democratic majority congress (Though thank God they haven't hit the filibuster proof majority yet).

The Democrats will then have a majority in all 3 branches of Government. (so much for checks and balances - our forefathers would be proud of us!)

With a uniform legislative branch, and with no threat of veto from the Executive branch we are going to see liberal legislation after liberal legislation passed.

The new Supreme Court is going to start legislating from the bench- overruling many crucial cases, reaffirming Roe v. Wade, destroying everything Justices Roberts Scalia, and Thomas have accomplished. We will see an unprecedented wave of judicial activism. They will overturn the recent decision in the DC Handgun ban (District of Columbia v. Heller). They are going to undermine our police and military's abilities to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.

They are going to trample on the Constitution, piss on Old Glory and effectively destroy everything our nations founding fathers created.

I'm not going as far as to say horses will start eating each other, or the world is going to end in 2012, or any of that nonsense; but we are in for a drastic change over the next 4 years.

Obama claims to have brought unity to the country- a statement which could not be further from the truth. Read a few other entries in my blog- you will see that the nation is more divided than ever. And yet - he has the gall to quote Lincoln in his victory speech.


I hope I am wrong. I pray that I am wrong.

In 2010, during the midterm elections, America will wake up and realize what they have done, and the mistake they have made. In 2010 Republicans will take back Congress and being the healing process. I only pray that it is not too late.

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