Monday, October 13, 2008

Sarah Palin is a ...

From the party that preaches tolerance, embraces feminism, and hides behind freedom of speech (unless of course it offends someone, except for Sarah Palin (and potentially women everywhere)) I give you four (4) Obama supporters outside of a rally in Philadelphia wearing tee shirts stating "Sarah Palin is a C*nt"

Where is the media on this? I can only shudder to think what would happen if any white person (let alone a McCain supporter) wore a shirt that said "Obama is a ..." (and you can fill that in with anything you like- it wouldn't make a difference to them, you would be crucified regardless)

"Sexism and misogyny are ignored, but any criticism of Obama is blasphemy."

Double Standard much?

Where are the femminists on this? Where are the Hillary supporters? One cannot just sit idly by and let this go unnoticed and unpunished.


Anonymous said...

Were these people wearing these shirts inside the rally (it just says 'outside' the rally), and are you saying this is the equivalent of someone yelling "Kill Him"?

Sorry, I don't think this quite warrants the same media attention. These people are saying she's a bitch, not that she should by lynched.

ChromeLightning said...

They are obviously showing their true colors. If it is good for them, they advocate its holy-goodness and impose others to feel obliged or obligated to also. Take their "principles" on a transparency and lay it on top of anyone else and their mocking of them would run right over their "no" zones. PLEASE! Wake up people! Obama is hypnotizing his followers: