Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More Obama Ayers Connections

I think anyone considering voting for should at least do themselves the courtesy of reading about the terror his friend spread in the 1960's. Yes, Obama was eight when Bill Ayers organization did these terrible deeds. But Barack was an adult when he decided to befriend him, and keep in mind - Senator Obama's political career was launched in this man's living room.

I didn't hyperlink any of the URLs so that they can be copies and pasted easier for you all.

A Victim Speaks out:

Proof that they shared the stage at Chicago U:

A bit more about Ayers:

Obama Campaign Manager Denys Obama knew Ayer's past:

Barack and Michelle's ties to Ayers-Dohrn and the SDS:

An extensive look at the Obama Ayers connection:

I ask that this information be passed along to not only likeminded friends, but anyone who is considering voting for this man- as he surely will give his old pal a cabinet position. Do we really want a man responsible for blowing up the pentagon to have unrestricted access to government buildings?

The true measure of a man is the company he keeps, keep that in mind this November.

Update- Even CNN is starting to cover this, its not just FOX anymore:

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