Friday, October 3, 2008

Obama's Hitler Youth

Remind anyone of the Hitler Youth? Because that's the first thing I thought of (well, that and fat camp).

But seriously - this chilled my blood and sent shivers down my spine.

Its one thing to be singing for him:

...but having a bunch of kids dressed in pseudo-military garb behaving in such a manner - how can one not be afraid.

I'm not even going to comment much on this one- the videos speak for themselves.

Beware overly charismatic men who preach change...


ChromeLightning said...

watch the one where the kenyan children are singing his praise and how he will defeat the American pigs from within and so much more, just google youtube children singing!

Clay Bowler said...

Now Dear Leader Chairman Obama introduces the Web site that outlines a required 50 hours of community service for middle school and high school kids. Don't the public schools brainwash our children enough? Now they have to give 50 hours to be indoctrinated to Obama's socialist vision of America. I am sickened by all of the propaganda.

ChromeLightning said...

I am also sickened, he better back down.

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