Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Obama: Jews are kikes, blacks are n-bomb

New Yorker Article On Obama

2nd Page, 2nd Paragraph

He went to Columbia University, and liked New York, but he found the city’s racial tension inescapable. It “flowed freely,” he wrote in his memoir—“not just out on the streets but in the stalls of Columbia’s bathrooms as well, where, no matter how many times the administration tried to paint them over, the walls remained scratched with blunt correspondence between niggers and kikes. It was as if all middle ground had collapsed.”

Only a totally blinded Obamabot would claim that this is "taken out of context". Regardless of the context, we generally hold our future presidents to be a little more classy than to use words such as those. Would it have been a stretch just to say Jews and Blacks?

Also to those of you who are ever so quick to claim the website is slanted - news flash - I just cited the original article from The New Yorker which really isn't all that conservative.

If this is the hope and change Obama is calling for then I think he can count out a lot of his potential supporters, and I think it is ironic how they can claim he is their new messiah basically and will stand behind him while he has made these kind of remarks, but will chastise and march against any other person (not even candidate) who dares utter such words.

I can only hope that this gets out there a little bit more so that there is a chance that Obama loses the Jewish vote because they too can finally see him for what he really is - an unpatriotic empty suit who refuses to salute or even pledge allegiance to the flag and is really only out there for himself, with an unpatriotic wife who was never proud of her country until they voted in favor of her husband. Are these really the kinds of people we want in the White House?

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