Wednesday, July 9, 2008

110th Congressional Approval Rating Falls to Single Digits

Rasmussen Reports - Congressional Performance

For the first time ever, in recorded history, the US Congress has fallen to a single digit approval rating. Coming in this month at a measly 9%, the 110th Congress has been doing the worst job in the history of all 110 Congressional congregations.

Not only has the approval rating fallen, but the percentage of American voters who say Congress is doing a Poor job has risen to the majority (at 52%).

Can they truly blame Bush for everything still? Not really, but they sure as hell will try. Meanwhile if you look to the facts - Bush has accomplished the majority of things he promised to do during his presidency. Congress has accomplished none of theirs. They have made little to no effort to do what they spend the majority of their time "discussing" - how to pull us out of Iraq.

Since this congress took control in 2006:

  • Gas Prices have more than doubled and risen to over $4 a gallon
  • Our Troops are still overseas in an "unconstitutional war" (according to them)
  • The housing crisis is still in full effect
  • Illegal immigration is still a huge problem

While Bush was in power:

There has not been a single terrorist attack on American soil since September 11th, 2001

I think America has a deluded sense of who is doing something right and who is doing something wrong, but clearly given this month's approval rating they are finally wising up.

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